Eat Less Meat

By The Plant-Based Veterinarian, FitOldDog

To Save The Animals From Factory Farms

If You Do Eat Meat, Eat Local Family-Farmed Foods

Cattle Produce LOTS Of Heat-Trapping Methane

Coax Your Friends To Eat Less Meat, Over Coffee

You Can Change The World!

Be A Coffee Mug Hero.

Why Listen To Me?

As a veterinarian, I recognize bad farming and nutrition practices.

Direct experience showed me the enormous amount of heat-trapping methane that sheep and cattle produce.

You can't force people to change.

You can gently persuade them with visual messages.

I designed the coffee mug, below, to:

(1) Help save the animals,

(2) Help save the planet, and

(3) Save your health.

Think about it!

FitOldDog, BVSc, PhD, Dip ACVP

6 x Ironman Finisher, Enthusiastic Gardener and Cook.